9. October - 9. December 2020

Exhibition opening 9. December from 7pm


Exponents of contemporary Latin American photography







The works from the South.Southwest collection exhibited at re|space gallery in Berlin are a curated visual insight into Latin American identity. The visual palette is as diverse as the Latin American people, portraying culture, nature, folklore and the everyday. This fine art photography collection has been compiled by the artists Sebastián Liste, Christina de Middel, Álvaro Ybarra Zavala, Laura León, Jesús Rocandio, Adriana Zehbrauskas, Stephen Ferry, Tomás Munita and Emilia Brandão to showcase the strength of contemporary Latin American photography. The photographers are under the patronage of Leica Iberia, have worked extensively with world-renowned photography agencies such as Magnum and Getty Images, are represented in established fine-art collections such as the New York Metropolitan Museum and have been published in major international publications such as Time Magazine.

Though partially stemming from documentary photography projects, the works within this collection have been chosen for their distinct artistic value. What distinguishes this collection from documentary photography is the artistic approach. It is not only the subject of the photographs that begs for a fine art context, but likewise the style and composition. The large scale of many of the works, mounted and framed demand the attention of the viewer much like a history painting. Similarly, the smaller diptychs reference modes of display common in national galleries. Each work contributes to the visual narrative that is the South.Southwest collection. Sometimes atmospheric, sometimes poetic, sometimes biographical the works document and celebrate a contemporary Latin American view on life.


What makes this photography collection so unique, is the fact that each of the works is a single-edition print with an unquestionable provenance. This is guaranteed by a four-part identification process involving the certification through Leica, the photographer, the gallery and the buyer. The buyer gains the exclusive rights to a work that will enhance any photography collection. Through their patronage, the collector becomes a key player in the conservation and future of the ever-growing South.Southwest collection. 


The exhibition is shown exclusively at re|space gallery in Berlin marks the inaugural showing of the collection world-wide. With the objective of bringing contemporary Latin American photography to a wider audience, the exhibition hosted in Berlin, home to people from about 190 nations, allows the works to be seen first-hand by art and photography enthusiasts from around the world. Not only does this widen the reach of the photography collection itself but also the cultural exchange between Latin America and the rest of the world. 



Sebastián Liste


Born in Spain, Sebastian Liste is a documentary photographer and sociologist focused on portraying cultural changes and contemporary issues in Latin America and the Mediterranean. Since finishing his Masters degree in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, his works have been shown in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, TIME Magazine, The New Yorker, Photo District News, The British Journal of Photography, Daylight Magazine and more. Liste has won numerous awards and is represented in a number of public and private collections.


Christina de Middel


Christina de Middel, born in Spain, studied both fine art and photojournalism in higher education. Her works have been shown in solo- and group-exhibitions world-wide as well as winning her international awards. Furthermore, she has worked on commissions for clients such as The Nobel Peace Foundation, Christian Dior and Vanity Fair. De Middel combines techniques from documentary and conceptual photography to create more complex works. Having previously worked as a documentary photographer, the series The Afronauts (2012) marked her break into fine art photography. 


Álvaro Ybarra Zavala


The Spanish documentary photographer and filmmaker Alvaro Ybarra Zavala has worked on photography projects worldwide. The photographer's works have been published in TIME magazine, New York Times, Le Monde and many more. Zavala has published five books and won numerous international awards. Having previously been a European Canon Ambassador, he now holds the position of Leica Ambassador as well as head of Leica Gallery and Leica Akademie Iberia. 



Laura León


Born in Spain in 1976, Laura Leon is a photographer and documentary filmmaker. Having initially studied Art History, Leon completed her studies at the School of Photography. Since then, she has worked with a number of agencies and brands in the realms of advertising and documentary photography. Her works have been published in Time Magazine, Fortune, New York Times, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Xl Semanal, YoDona, Le Monde Magazine, Wall Street Journal and more. Furthermore, Leon’s works have been exhibited internationally as well as having published her own book on photography.


Jesús Rocandio


The Spanish photographer Jesus Rocandio had founded his first gallery and photography school Cámara Oscura in Logroño in 1982. Rocanio has curated many photography exhibitions and published in various publications. The photographers personal works had been seldom seen by the public until he collated them in 2012. Rocandio works primarily in documentary and landscape photography. 


Adriana Zehbrauskas


As a Brazilian documentary photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona, Adriana Zehbrauska’s work focusses mostly on topics related to South America. The photographer is well known for her portrayal of the violence resulting from the drug trade in Mexico. Having won a multitude of international awards and having been published in publications such as The New York Times, UNICEF, The New Yorker and BuzzFeed News, Zehbrauskas has become a familiar name in photojournalism.


Stephen Ferry


Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the American photographer Stephen Ferry took up photography at a young age but completed a degree in history with a focus on Latin America. Ferry has been living in Columbia since 2000 and has travelled widely documenting social and political change, human rights and environmental issues. Ferry has received numerous prizes and has been published in publications such as York Times, GEO, TIME, National Geographic and more. In 2018, Stephen Ferry and his sister Elizabeth Ferry published the book La Batea on the social, political and environmental effects of gold mining. 


Tomás Munita


The Chilean independent documentary photographer Tomas Munita is primarily focussed on portraying social and environmental issues. Having studied in Santiago de Chile, Munita became a freelance photographer in 2006. He has received the Leica Oskar Barnack Award for his photographs of Afghanistan and has also received four World Press Photo Awards. Furthermore, Munita works regularly with publications such as the New York Times, GEO-Magazin, National Geographic and has featured in the book Imagine published by Goss Gallery in 2006. 


Emilia Brandão


Emilia Brandao, born in Brazil, is primarily a portrait photographer who completed her Masters in Creative and Conceptual Photography in Madrid. Brandao has worked for commercial clients such as Nivea and has worked on editorial shoots such as for Vogue and Elle as well as a portfolio of personal projects. Apart from having won a number of prizes, Brandao has also exhibited in solo- and group-exhibitions internationally. 

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